Why people are unhappy

Why are people unhappy in this world?

What are the possible misfortunes in life?


I was caught by a bad guy ...
I didn't make the choice I really wanted ...
I can't stop my addiction ...
I got a wrong job ...
I made a mistake ...



I think there are many.

In the case of an incident, accident, or illness, fate, 
longevity, and karma are more important than choice, 
so it may be difficult to avoid by choice.

It may not be unfortunate in the true sense, 
as the causes from the previous life are also involved.

The misfortune here is about the misfortune that could have been avoided but could not be avoided.

In many cases, people are unhappy if they make the wrong choice.

・ I didn't make the right choice
・ I made the wrong choice either by mistake or by mistake.
・ I didn't know what I was doing
・ I made a mistake in the direction I should go
・ I pursued my ideal too much
Or I made the wrong choice when I wasn't offended
The reasons are intricately intertwined, such as to eliminate karma.

Mostly the cause of misery is "misselection"
The reason for making a "selection mistake" is that desire and karma are involved.

People can be happy by knowing what they are and what is best for them.
That said, I don't really know what the consequences are until I choose. This is fortune-telling, and it is possible to know the future to some extent.

Then there is the "unhappiness" that you create yourself.
I'm unhappy because I'm unhappy because I'm like this, and I'm unhappy in a sense.

▪️"Desire" and "laziness" create misery

There are "desire" and "laziness" that are greatly related to human misery.

These may seem contradictory at first glance. If there is no desire,
 there is no effort, and a life like a recluse who gives up greed can be said to be lazy.

No matter which one passes, you cannot be happy.

Laziness is not the same as knowing enough.

Human life may be desire, laziness (lethargy), 
and the practice of fixing oneself in the right position.

In many cases, the cause of the ruin of life is "desire."

Once ruined, it's not easy to come back.
Severe treatment may be waiting for you.

It can be said that happiness in this world is to avoid unhappiness, 
but there is light because there is a shadow.

By knowing various lives, you will be able to control your desires and laziness well, 
and you may be able to obtain "happiness" in this world.


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